Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flashback Vol. VI

Wow these are old, I had actually forgotten I had painted them. I used to watch the wrestling as a kid and who could forget Randy Macho Man Savage. Dude always had wild sunglasses and outfits and these were basically just a dedication to one of those particular suits. These were also painted before I discovered Angelus so the paint was a lot thicker and had to be heavily mixed before it was flexible enough to use and be durable.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ok so its been a while, I know!

My apologies for the lack of updates as of late. Things have been crazy around the Sekure D household. Besides the Foot Clan constantly doorknocking and splinter crashing in the corner of my studio with alcohol poisoning i have been working on the next Globe project as well as another solo show.

No im not sponsored but I thought it was a cool photo

I have always wanted a pair of Air Max 90 Goldenrods. Well for at least 5 years and last I heard that almost qualifies as forever. Goldenrods are in my top 5 dunks of all time and to get the colorway on a pair of MESH TOE 90's has been screaming to be done for years. These turned out killer.

We have set up the arcade in the house now as well, its not 100% complete but it is getting there as you can see.

Challenger machine has 1300 games including evrything you would want on an arcade machine. I am dominating Marvel Vs Capcom and Streetfighter at the moment not to mention NBA Jam Hangtime, Ryu cant touch this! Storm city machine has Trog, all oldschool Nintendo fans will have rocked this game way back and we had to get it onto a machine, Trog > Pacman