Friday, March 28, 2008

Sneaker Obsession

Just a quick thankyou to the guys over at Sneaker Obsession. They always post my new sneakers as well as give me a pretty cool write up so much appreciated boys. Here is their link

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sinner AF1

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Size 9.5US
Available on the website tomorrow.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

SBTG + Phu presents mission \"Death from Above\"

Setting allies with Phu , SBTG presents to you, a kamikaze mission "Death from Above". A fictitious battle between 2 rival airborne squadrons.

The Death Seeker AF1s and the Phantom Mirage AM90s. A one time show down, 8 fighters per squadron. Bombs drop March 30th, 10pm NYC time.

issue: Death Seeker Air Force 1
code: Thunderbolt / Spitfireprice: USD$500
qty: 8 individually numbered on shoes and box. Featuring a weathered fuselage as an armor and cloaked in a urban desert storm camouflage. A suicidal maniac masked with the warhawks teeth ready for battle.

issue: Phantom Mirage Air Max 90
code: Blackburn / Hurricaneprice: USD$550
qty: 8individually numbered on shoes and box. Armored with metallic olive drab, battle dressed in desert storm and accented in a venomous acid green chompers. This woodland warrior is ready to cross enemy lines.

Only available @ Royalefam shop , March 30th 2008, Sunday 10pm NYC time. For more updates and info, visit Phu

Friday, March 14, 2008

Freeze Frame Antics

Grand Central Station Freeze

Great Trafalgar Square Freeze

Every now and then you come across something on youtube thats really cool, this is mine for the week. Check it out

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gentry Humphrey at Kickz101

Friday afternoon we had a Night with Gentry Humphrey go down at Kickz101 in Melbourne. It was a real cool event, we had a very big day so it was real laid back but it was good once again to hear the man drop some knowledge and see some samples that just blew dudes minds. More pics and info HERE

Saturday, March 8, 2008

SBTG & Meth for NB

"SBTG and Methamphibian has each had their own collaborations with major sneaker companies. They are working together along with Leftfoot this time, on the New Balance 576 model. They used the theme of Heaven & Hell on two colorways of the NB 576. 444 pairs of this collaboration will be available April 2008 at Leftfoot Singapore, Leftfoot Taipei, Undefeated Japan, Mita Sneakers and Atmos."
Ok i know I am late but these are my boys so I had to post it eventually.

Gentry Humphrey at Qubic NZ

This Thursday past the Night with Gentry Humphrey went down at Qubic New Zealand and I gotta say it was a dope event. The crowd was great and the collectors really pulled together to put on a great exhibition. Thanks to Qubic and the NZ crew, met alot of cool dudes while I was over there. More pictures and info on their forum HERE