Saturday, March 22, 2008

SBTG + Phu presents mission \"Death from Above\"

Setting allies with Phu , SBTG presents to you, a kamikaze mission "Death from Above". A fictitious battle between 2 rival airborne squadrons.

The Death Seeker AF1s and the Phantom Mirage AM90s. A one time show down, 8 fighters per squadron. Bombs drop March 30th, 10pm NYC time.

issue: Death Seeker Air Force 1
code: Thunderbolt / Spitfireprice: USD$500
qty: 8 individually numbered on shoes and box. Featuring a weathered fuselage as an armor and cloaked in a urban desert storm camouflage. A suicidal maniac masked with the warhawks teeth ready for battle.

issue: Phantom Mirage Air Max 90
code: Blackburn / Hurricaneprice: USD$550
qty: 8individually numbered on shoes and box. Armored with metallic olive drab, battle dressed in desert storm and accented in a venomous acid green chompers. This woodland warrior is ready to cross enemy lines.

Only available @ Royalefam shop , March 30th 2008, Sunday 10pm NYC time. For more updates and info, visit Phu

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