Saturday, April 12, 2008


It was always bound to happen but now it has I am not sure whether to smile or be angry. These were brought to my attention this morning and needless to say it is an absolute butchering of my ‘Labyrinth’ Air Force 1 Low. The shoes appear to have my robot character on the back as well as forgetting to do the blue midsole stitch and the black Air logo on the midsole. Either way they have massacred it, I pixilated their web address because the last thing I want to do is give these clowns advertising.

Don’t support the sale of fake product!

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Joe said...

This is a shame man...Im sorry to see this but at the same time i also congratulate you...To see you reach a level to where your work is being duplicated is awesome...Dont get me wrong, i dont like to see things like this myself but to know you have reached that sort of "fame" i guess you can call it is something else ya know what i mean?...I posted up some info on about this to spread the word and i also got your latest customs posted on there...cant wait to see those Stabs.