Thursday, May 15, 2008

Muto by Blu

Artist Blu has produced an amazing animated art piece titled Muto which has just been posted on youtube. The most amazing thing about this is that it appears like he has done it all in one day which is absolutely insane. Its not often graffiti or street art really surprises me and even though i have seen similar efforts to this clip this is in a league of its own. Well done sir.

In other more relevant Sekure D news I am currently working on a collaboration with a cool new artist called Codename:Unknown. I think I have mentioned him on here before but this will be the first time his stuff appears on the net to the best of my knowledge. Other then that I have a few big projects on the go and some jet setting to do. Until next time enjoy that clip

1 comment:

jester said...

freakin amazing man!!! thanks for the post sekure