Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Swamp Thing Dunk High

Here are the new ‘Swamp Thing’ customs based on the graphic novels by Alan Moore. Sometimes when painting a custom it takes on a life of its own and this was definitely one of those occasions. The amount of time, detail and planning required for this pair was not expected when I began them over a month ago. They break numerous standard custom conventions but if you look at them as a piece of ‘artwork’ rather then a “standard” shoe you would see on a shelf in a sneaker store then they make more sense atheistically.

This pair was done for myself and as such will not be for sale but will travel to a few different exhibitions so you guys can check them out in person because these photos do not really do them justice. Dates and exhibitions will be posted as they come up. There was a strong focus on the shadows of the vines and roots as well as the depth of ground behind the vines and flowers.

So without further delay here are the flicks.


b3diddy said...

Man those thing are SIIIIIIIICKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The detail in them is incredible.
Man if the pics dont do them justice i cant wait to see them in person!!
Will be interesting to see if you get any offers for them.
The laces are a mad touch as well.
AWESOME JOB DUDE!!! one of your best yet!!

Sneaker Freak said...

Where can i get these at??

Sneaker Freak said...

where can i get these at??